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Polyantha Roses

For beauty, blooming power and hardiness, Polyantha Roses are definitely worth planting in any garden. Born in the late 1800's, Ployantha roses are small in stature and a blooming machine. Most varieties of Polyantha's are hardy or semi-hardy, and can survive most winters. They are truly one of the best kept secrets in rose gardening and a gem.

Low growing and compact, Polyantha's bloom in large clusters with small flowers usually 1-2" in size. They are one of the rose world's best roses to plant. Once they start blooming, they do so continually until the first hard frost in fall. This species of small roses make a huge impact in a landscape. Planted in mass 3-5 or more they are spectacular; as a single specimen they can also be spectacular. Plants such as "The Fairy" are designated as an Earth Kind Rose. Earth Kind Roses-Rated as the most maintenance free and easy to grow roses in the world; if a rose makes it to this list it's really worth growing. They grow 2' x 4' and bloom continually with masses of small pink flowers 1" in diameter. They look like small puffs of cotton candy in bloom and are spectacular in mass or a single bush.

Not as popular as many varieties such as their larger cousins Floribundas, Polyantha's are still worth cultivating and make a big statement in your landscape. This is the perfect ground cover rose, and great for a pot. If you only have space for a few roses, Polyantha's' would be the ones to plant. They are disease resistant and can also be climbing roses. Some varieties have great fragrance such as Marie Pavie, Mademoiselle Cecile Brunner (which is considered the sweetheart rose and the rose of Boutonnières for weddings), Doris Ryker, Ellen Poulson, Cl Pinkie and others.

The requirements for growing Polyantha's roses are the same as for other roses. Six or more hours of sunlight, adequate water, a good fertilizer program to keep your roses growing healthy, and a regular spraying schedule to keep them free of pests and diseases. They need to be pruned lightly in the spring and you need to deadhead spent blooms to keep your Polyantha's blooming all season.

Some of the World's best Polyantha Roses include:

Polyantha Polyantha Polyantha
The Fairy Mademoiselle Cecile Brunner Margo Kostner
Climbing Pinkie Marie Pavie Doris Ryker
Climbing Pinkie Marie Pavie Doris Ryker