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David Austin English Roses

English Roses evoke images of beautiful rambling cottage gardens full of large, exquisite rose bushes. Displaying old world charm and wonderful fragrances, there's nothing quite as beautiful as a garden full of English Roses.

David Austin English Roses are a special class of roses. Breeder David Austin changed the world of rose grower in the early 60's when he introduced Constance Spry, a once-blooming fragrant rose to the rose world. He developed English Roses by combining the best traits of Old Garden Roses (OGRs) and Modern Roses. These including heritage from antique, and modern roses like Damask, Portland, Noisette, Tea, Hybrid Perpetual, Hybrid Tea roses, and others.

English Roses love warm climates and do quite well in the United States. They grow large in the southern US and California where they make wonderful climbers. In the north & Midwest, English roses adapt nicely to the colder climates and produce outstanding roses wherever planted.

English Roses are especially known for there intoxicating fragrances. They are generally easier to grow than Hybrid Teas and more disease resistant. They range in all sizes from around 3' to 9' tall. They have beautiful shrub shapes and the blooms have the look of Old Garden Roses, with many petals. Most of them are repeat bloomers and some are constantly in bloom. They are hardy and do quite well in Zones 4, 5, and up. The colors range from white to lavender to the full range of pinks. They're also available in oranges, yellows, and of course reds. I garden in the north and English roses are my favorite over all the other roses; they consistently are the best roses in my garden all summer, and I love that they are so fragrant!

English roses have the same requirements as other roses: 6 hours or more of sunlight ( but many of these varieties do grow well in dappled shade), a good application of organic fertilizer in the spring and after each bloom flush, a regular spraying program to keep them pest and disease free, and adequate water. Prune in the spring and deadhead repeat flowering English roses to encourage new blooms. Planted in masses of three or more busnes, they look spectacular in any landscape. Even alone the large shrubs are spectacular and are the centerpeice of any rose garden.

You can order English roses right from David Austin in the UK, from his US branch in Texas, or from many of the other nurseries in the US and abroad that carry David Austin English roses.

Here are some outstanding English Roses: