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When you really want to make a statement in your garden, plant Floribunda roses for color, masses of bloom, vigor, and hardiness! They are the perfect rose at the front of the perennial bed or planted with other roses. Planted in groups, you would have endless summer color of one of the most popular roses, Floribundas.

Floribundas are a cross between a Polyanthus and Hybrid Tea Rose; they get the best traits from both parents. Floribundas tend to be shorter 3-4', and have a nice shrub shape. Some have hybrid tea bloom form, but most have a loose shape and can be single, semi-double or double bloom form. They also can be flat and cup shaped roses, but many are in constant bloom in all summer and some of the best Floribundas have outstanding fragrance. They bloom in clusters of roses at the end of there stems.

Floribundas roses need at least 6 hours or more of sunlight daily, out of a strong wind and planted in good soil. Get a test kit and test your soil to see what improvements the soil needs. Dig a hole at least 2' X 2' (the more room you give rose-roots the better) Roses grow best in a mixture of clay and some sandy loam at a healthy ph balance of 6-6.5. They love organic fertilizers, try this for spectacular Floribundas: add a good handful of bone meal, less than a handful of-blood meal, a small handful of alfalfa meal, a sprinkle of Epson salts, a handful of wood ashes, and some compost. Add this mixture when you're planting a rose or when you fertilize in spring and summer - this will keep your roses blooming beautifully. Fertilize roses in the spring while dormant or before it leafs out and fertilize again after the first bloom flush is over. To keep Floribundas free from disease and harmful insects, spray with a good rose spray. There are many out there on the market to choose from, follow directions carefully.

Prune Floribundas in the spring while roses are still dormant, before they leaf out. Cut back any old wood with a good pair of curved bypass prunes, and have on hand a pair or loppers for pruning big stems. Prune back by a 1/3 in the spring, then also prune stems that are crossing and give them a nice shape facing outward so they grow letting air circulate throughout the plant. Make all cuts at 1/8 angle facing outward in the spring. To keep Floribundas blooming you have to prune away spent blooms. Prune at an angle 1/4" above the 1st - 5- leaflets on the stem facing outwards. This will keep encouraging new blooms and plant growth. Stop pruning around 5 weeks before your first frost date in fall or winter.

Here is a list of some popular Floribundas, also Check Edmunds Roses and Regan Rose Nursery as well as many other nurseries to choose Floribunda roses from.

  • Angle Face: Mauve-strong fragrance-clusters of ruffled bloom 3-4'hardy in zone 6-9
  • Iceberg: White-fragrant-nice semi-double blooms- 4' hardy zone 4-9
  • Sunflare: Bright yellow- licorice fragrance-double bloom-hardy in zone 6-9
  • Gruss an Aachen: Salmon pink-fragrant-2-3' -rosette bloom form -zone 4-9
  • Easy Going: Golden Yellow-honey fragrance-clustered flowered-zone 6-9
  • Heaven on Earth: Light Pink-Spicy fragrance-clustered flowered-zone
  • 6-9
  • Intrigue: Mauve-Strong Fragrance-Double bloom form-zone 6-9
  • Scentimental: Red Blend Stripes-strong spicy fragrance-double bloom form zone5-9
  • Ebb Tide: Violet-strong clove fragrance-old fashioned bloom form-zone 5-9
  • Outrageous: Orange-Yellow-strong honey fragrance-large double bloom form zone 5-9
  • Hot Cocoa: Russet-Red-fruity fragrance-ruffled bloom form-zone 6-9
  • Sheila's Perfume: Yellow Blend red edge-strong fragrance-double bloom form-zone6-9