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Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses have been the world's most popular rose for well over a century and for good reason. Their fragrance, bloom form, and shear beauty have been dominating the rose world since the mid 1800's. They still remain the no.1 popular rose world-wide for their outstanding beauty in gardens, arrangements, and rose competitions.

Before 1867 roses were known as Old Garden roses in the 1800's, and antique roses before that. The Hybrid Tea is a cross between the tender beautiful tea rose originating in China. The China Tea rose brought beautiful color, repeat bloom, and mildew resistance. Unfortunately Tea roses are very tender. In the 1830's the creation of the modern roses was growing with the development of the Hybrid Perpetual of which its flowers were large and fragrant. Hybrid Perpetuals were also very hardy shrubs. In 1867 a hybrid perpetual and Tea rose were crossed, and "La France", the first Hybrid Tea, was introduced to the world. "La France" was more compact than its parents, and had more dependable repeat qualities. That was the beginning of the Hybrid Tea revolution. Any rose developed after 1867 is known as a modern rose as designated by the ARS (American Rose Society).

Hybrid Teas Roses are known for their long stems, beautiful double bloom form, repeat blooming, nice fragrance, and a wide variety of colors. Colors include beautiful deep velvety reds, outstanding pinks in various shades, apricots, orange, yellow, bi-colored, and to the purest of whites. World wide on the internet and at your own local nursery you should be able to find a Hybrid Tea rose that will suit your garden; there are many to choose from. Find a Hybrid Tea rose that will grow in your gardening zone, and follow directions for planting a bare-root or potted rose that's planted at the proper depth.

Care of Hybrid Tea roses is important. Start with a good location with at least 6 hours or more of direct sunlight, out of strong winds, and roots not standing in water. Hybrid Tea roses grow best in a clay-sandy loam soil of 6-6.5 ph.; get a soil test kit and see what you need to amend your soil to make it perfect for roses. Rose are heavy feeders, a good organic fertilizer program will keep your shrubs healthy including fertilizing with compost to improve your soil. Fertilize in the spring before roses leaf out and after the first bloom flush is over; stop fertilizing 6-weeks before your 1st frost date in your gardening zone. Hybrid Teas need pruning in the spring and deadheading to keep flowers producing. A regular spraying program will keep them free of pest and diseases. Most Hybrid Teas are grafted roses, so they need extra winter protection in cold climate. Recently, rose breeders have developed Hybrid Teas that are own-root so they can survive more in cold climates and warmer climates also.

Here are some of the world's most popular Hybrid Tea Roses You might want to try your garden:

hybrid tea roses - Peace hybrid tea roses - Tiffany hybrid tea roses - Mister Lincoln
AARS winner, Strong Fragrance
4-6.5' Tall, Good Repeat
AARS winner, Strong Fruity
Fragrance, 3-4' Tall
Mister Lincoln
AARS winner, Strong Fragrance
3-4' Tall, Large very double blooms
tea roses - Tropicana tea roses - Fragrant Cloud tea roses Chicago Peace
AARS winner, Strong Fruity
Fragrance, 4-6.5' Tall, Good Repeat
Fragrant Cloud
AARS winner, Strong Fragrance
2-1/2 - 3' Tall
Large double clustered blooms
Chicago Peace
AARS winner, Strong Fragrance
4-1/2'-6-1/2' Tall, Large double blooms
Double Delight  memorial day  heirloom
Double Delight
AARS winner, Strong Spicy
Fragrance, 4-6.5' Tall,
Large double blooms
Memorial Day
AARS winner, Strong Damask
Fragrance, 2-1/2 - 3' Tall
Old fashioned bloom form
AARS winner, Strong Sweet Rose
Fragrance 4-1/2'-6-1/2' Tall
Old fashioned bloom form

NOTE: AARS - All American Rose Selections- roses that are tried and true, a good rose for any beginner or expert. These roses win awards because they are the best rose at that time and highly rated.