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Buck Roses

"If roses are too hard to grow... People will grow something else".

That was the philosophy of legendary rose hybridizer Dr Griffith Buck. He started experimenting in the 1940's with growing roses striving for hardy and disease resistant varieties. This was all at a time when nobody cared about such things. He was way ahead of his time in cultivating these types of roses. He experimented and hybridized roses that people could grow and survive tough winters that would need no spraying. He achieved that and more with his Buck Rose.

Today his legacy lives on with his large selection of hardy disease resistant roses that grow well all over the US. The impact he made on the rose world to this day is remarkable. Dr Buck researched and hybridized roses that produced gorgeous blooms, in a rainbow of colors, focusing on roses that were cold hardy without cover in cold Iowa winters (hardy to -20 °). He achieved wonderful results. Buck roses are a great choice for northern and Midwest gardens. With today's movement towards low maintenance gardening, Buck roses are more popular than ever and a good choice for gardeners that want healthy roses, with less care. They come in all sizes and colors, with some having the look of Hybrid Tea blooms; others are single and semi-double bloom form. Most are repeat blooming and some have great fragrance. There is a Buck rose for every garden.

You can find Buck Roses as they are known, throughout the US at many mail-order nurseries. Also you can see all the Buck roses being grown at the Griffith Buck Gardens at Iowa State Reiman Botanical Gardens or at his home in Iowa with over 80 varieties of know cultivators that can be seen. The names he gave his roses, reflect our pioneer heritage.

Here is a list of Buck Roses:

April Moon
Bright Melody
County Dancer
Distant Drums
El Catala
Gentle Persuasion
Honey Sweet
Les Sjulin
Mountain Music
Para Glider
Pippa's Song
Prairie Breeze
Prairie Heritage
Prairie Star
Princess Verona
September Song
Spanish Rhaposdy
Virginia Reel
Aunt Honey
Brook Song
Country Man
Ellen's Joy
Golden Princess
Golden Unicorn
Hawkeye Belle
That's Incredible
Pearlie May
Prairie Clogger
Prairie Lass
Prairie Sunrise
Queen Bee
Square Dancer
Amiga Mia
Autumn Dusk
Carefree Beauty
Country Music
Ghee Wiz
Joseph F. Lamb
Night Song
Piccolo Pete
Polka Time
Prairie Flower
Prairie Princess
Prairie Sunset
Red Sparkler
Summer Wind
Wild Ginger
Apple Jack
Barn Dance
Country Song
Earth Song
Grace Note
Hi Neighbor
Kissin' Cousin
Paloma Bianca
Pipe Dreams
Prairie Harvest
Prairie Squire
Prairie Valor
Rural Rhythm
Silver Shadows
Sunbonnett Sue
Winter Sunset

(Carefree Beauty -Designated an Earth Kind Rose)
*Earth Kind Roses-Rated as the most maintenance free and easy to grow roses in the world; if a rose makes it to this list it's really worth growing.