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Fragrant Roses

There's nothing else in the world like the smell of a fragrant rose! When handed a rose we put it to our nose and savor the wonderful aroma. When we look at roses in the garden, we always try to take in the scent. The queen of all flowers lives up to her reputation when it comes to all the different scents a rose can have. There are outstanding fragrant roses in many different colors for every garden, in every region of the country. Some roses are even used in making the most fragrant perfumes in the world.

Roses have different distinct scents including Old Rose fragrance, Tea, Myrrh, Clove, Lemon, Citrus, Apple, Raspberry, Violet, and Damask. Weather conditions, time of day, and maturity will influence how a rose will smell. In a warm climate Roses emit there strongest fragrance when they're 1/2 - 3/4 of the way open on warm morning or early evening. In a cold climate, roses are most fragrant in the morning through the afternoon. This can change with each rose bush and the smell is really influenced by the weather. A rose can have wonderful scent one day and the next day, it's not very fragrant.

Old garden roses (roses bred before 1867) usually have wonderful fragrance. Many modern roses (anything bred after 1867) also have great fragrance including Hybrid Teas, English, Floribundas, Rugosas, Shrubs, Climbers, and some Miniatures. When choosing roses for fragrance, also look for a hardy rose and disease resistance. Other things you might consider are first of all color, bloom form, repeat bloom, height, width, and shape.

We grow roses for there outstanding beauty, vigor, hardiness and fragrance. Here are some of the most fragrant roses; many have a high rating by the AARS -All American Rose Selections:

  • Memorial Day - Hybrid Tea - strong damask fragrance-orchid pink-strong old fashion bloom form - Excellent AARS rating
  • Double Delight - Hybrid Tea - strong spicy fragrance - white with a deep ruby edge double bloom form-Excellent AARS rating
  • Tiffany - Hybrid Tea - Strong fruity fragrance - rose salmon pink - very double long stem double bloom form. Excellent AARS rating
  • Mr. Lincoln - Hybrid Tea - strong fragrance - velvety-red double form - Excellent AARS rating
  • Fragrant Cloud - Hybrid Tea - strong fragrance-orange - very double bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Heirloom - Hybrid Tea - strong rose fragrance-lilac to lavender-old fashion bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Honey Perfume - Floribunda - strong spice fragrance-Apricot - yellow - large cluster bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Angel Face - Floribunda - strong citrus fragrance - lavender-mauve ruffled bloom form - Excellent AARS rating
  • Melody Perfume - Grandiflora - strong damask old rose fragrance - deep plum-cluster bloom form-Excellent AARS Rating
  • Madame Isaac Pereire - Bourbon Cl - strong raspberry fragrance - deep pink - cupped quartered bloom form-Excellent AARS rating.
  • Madame Louis Odier - Bourbon-strong fragrance - deep pink-cupped-quartered bloom form - Excellent AARS Rating
  • Autumn Damask - Damask - strong damask fragrance fragrance-medium pink - double bloom form - Excellent AARS rating
  • Gertrude Jekyll - English - strong old rose fragrance-medium pink-quartered bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Graham Thomas - English - strong tea fragrance-yellow-old fashion bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Fair Bianca - English - strong myrrh fragrance-white-very double flat quartered bloom form- Excellent AARS rating
  • Scepter'd Isle - English - strong myrrh fragrance-soft pink-cupped bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Geoff Hamilton - English-strong fragrance-medium pink-old fashioned bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Zephirine Drouhin - Bourbon - throneless-very fragrant - deep pink - old fashion bloom form Excellent AARS rating
  • Overnight Scentsation - Mini Flora - strong rose fragrance - medium pink-full bloom form Excellent AARA rating
  • Innocence - Mini - mild fragrance-pure white - double bloom form

The choice is endless for Fragrant roses, with research and finding the right nursery You can make your garden and home smell and look wonderful with a garden full of your favorite fragrant Roses!