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Rose Bushes

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. Unfortunately, not all of us live in climates ideal for growing rose bushes. Growing Roses in the North provides practical tips to allow any gardener to grow rose bushes that are both beautiful and healthy, regardless of where you live. Many of the techinques on this website can be applied on other flowering plants as well. So whether you live in a cold or arid climate, in the city or in a rural area, Growing Roses in the north can help you get the most out of your rose garden.


Growing Zones
growing zones Rose Bushes can be difficult to grow in some areas, but with the help of the USDA Map and information in this article you should be successful growing roses. This is the standard map that gardeners, growers, farmers, and ranchers go by.
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Pruning Roses
pruning shears Pruning is the science of removing old growth to stimulate new stems, leaves, and rose blooms. Whether you're new to growing roses or an experienced vet, it is essential that your rose bushes well pruned and shaped...
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